3 Manual Configuration - Quick Config

These configuration files are pre-made, Hauptwerk-ready configuration files you can load into your Classic Keyboard Stacks.


Installation instructions:

Download Config File
Download CMK Config - Mac / PC


  1. Install CMK Config on your Mac or PC.
  2. Download the configuration zip file that best describes your setup.
  3. Launch CMK config
  4. Choose Open Previously Saved CMK Configuration
  5. Navigate to the configuration zip file that you downloaded and select it,
  6. Once you see the number of keyboards in your stack picture 11
    you can attempt to save the configuration into the memory of the keyboard(s).
  7. Click on the Write to CMK button
  8. CMK Config should then ask you to set up your MIDI in and out ports

  9. Select your device by name in both the MIDI in and MIDI out dropdown boxes. Note: on Mac versions, the device will only show up as a port number. Simply select  the port your device is on and make sure you choose the same port for in and out.
  10. Click OK
  11. If your keyboard stack is connected properly and the power is on, you will see the dialog box writing to each keyboard. If your keyboards are not connected properly you will see a message "retrying" for extended periods of time. Refer to back to the manual to ensure your keyboards are set up properly.


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