What Goes into a Whole MIDIWorks System

What goes into a full MIDIWorks Virtual Pipe Organ? A full MIDIWorks VPO (Virtual Pipe Organ) is made up of the following:


1. Manuals

2. Keycheeks + Music Rest

3. Console Table

4. Bench

5. Swell Shoes

6. Pedalboard


Apart from the products above, you will also need:


1. Computer + Touch Screen(s)

3. Audio Interface

4. Audio System



Our manuals in general are made up of 32 keys with tractor touch built in. Each manual has MIDI IN/OUT ports as well as a USB port (to plug straight to your computer if you so choose). We have two types of keys - wood core and classic white. You can also select piston or pistonless manuals. They are designed to be moduler, which means you can decide how many manuals you'd like to use. You can also add onto your existing stack later on. We offer manuals individually - you can mix piston and pistonless together, however wood core manuals cannot mix with classic white manuals.


Keycheeks + Music Rest Set

Our Keycheek set comes in 1, 2, 3, or 4 manuals. They come in 3 colors - Golden Pecan, Black Satin, or Red Walnut and are specifically designed to fit with our manuals. We cannot guarantee they will work with other keyboards. If in the future you end up buying another MIDIWorks manual you can also purchase the keycheek to go along with your existing set. Unfortunately we do not offer any keycheek set past 4 manuals.


Console Table

Our console tables are designed to be space efficient with shelves built in for wires and electronics. They come in 3 different colors - Golden Pecan, Black Satin, and Red Walnut. They also have slots and grooves built in for our manuals and keycheeks. You don't need to have our table to use our products, however it was designed to work alongside the rest of our products. Toe studs are sold separate from the table. They can be order in sets of 8 or 16.



We have 2 types of benches - one made of solid oak, the other a mix of wood (which is cheaper) and comes in Red Walnut.


Swell Shoes

Our swell shoes are designed to be mounted specifically onto our pedalboard. Our console table has space underneath to allow 3 swell shoes to fit side by side. You can also purchase our swell shoes without the mounts if you decide to use them with a different pedalboard. However it will be up to you to figure out how to mount them. Also please keep in mind that the pin connections on them were designed to connect to either our pedalboard or manual. Once again if you decide to use them with other products it will be up to you to figure out how to connect them.



We offer a 32 key AGO standard pedalboard to go along with your system. It has a MIDI IN/OUT Port and no USB port. It was designed to daisy chain with our manuals, however you can also connect it directly to your computer via a MIDI Interface. It fits snugly under our table and comes in Red Walnut, Black Satin, or Golden Pecan (to match your table). It has pin connectors to connect our toe studs and swell shoes onto it. 


Computer + Touch Screen(s)

VPOs software consumes a lot of power. You will need a computer system that can keep up with it. We usually suggest a system with at least an i5 and 32G of RAM. That can handle the majority of sample sets currently out. However there are some sample sets that require more, in which case a 64G RAM would be best. You can always upgrade your 32G to 64G in the future with most computer systems. Touch screens are not required but are VERY convenient. instead of clicking on stops, it is easier to just have a touch screen to manipulate them. 


We offer a few Computer + Touchscreen bundles that come with 1 year warranty and support. They are configured specifically to run VPOs. You can of course purchase them locally, just make sure they are capable of handling the software.


Audio Interface

The audio interface takes the digital information from your computer and converts it to analog so that it can be played through speakers/headphones. Almost always, external audio interfaces are better than the interfaces built into your computer. Basically this means that the conversion on an external audio interface is more accurate and clear. With audio interfaces, you get what you pay for. Expect to pay more for a better AD converter and also for more outputs (for those looking to use more than 2 speakers). We offer a few brands on our online store that works well with our system and suitable for our customer's budget.


Audio System

If you are looking for a good sounding headphone, we offer the Superlux HD-330. It is known to have similar frequency response as an AKG 701 (high end headphone commonly used with Hauptwerk) for a fraction of the cost.


Thinking of adding speakers to your system? In order to have the best sound possible we recommend having at least a 2.1 system (2 speakers and a subwoofer for the bass). Some customers have added more speakers, sometimes going for a 6.1 or even a 12.1 system. However the 2.1 is the most common setup for most organ players.


We offer 2.1, 6.1, and 12.1 high end system that come with a 1 year warranty. If you are looking for the best quality and sound replication, those bundles are it.

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