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OS - St. George's Oshawa Casavant Sample Set
OS - St. George's Oshawa Casavant Sample Set
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The Casavant Frères organ (opus 2871) at St. George's Memorial Anglican Church Oshawa, Ontario, Canada was tonally designed by Lawrence Phelps and was installed in 1966. This 3 manual organ has 40 speaking stops with the swell division under expression.  For this sample set the original organ's specification has been expanded. The sample set has 45 speaking stops, 42 ranks, six of which have been extended with the choir and swell divisions under independent expression).  New stops, not included on the original Casavant include the Great’s Super Octave 2’, the Choir’s Erzähler Celeste 8’, Oboe 8’, and Trompette Heroique 8’.

This sample set was created using microphones positioned close to the pipes. In addition the decay portions of the samples in this set have been specially shaped and trimmed so that?(a) they will not conflict with the natural acoustic of the space wherein playback will occur, and?(b) when played back in a dry listening environment, external reverberation can be added separately through software, or through an external reverb processing unit. Users can then select the reverberation type and levels to their liking. Unlike wet sample sets, there is not a limitation to a set number of releases. This means that the release more properly reflects the note's characteristics (e.g. duration and dynamic frequency spectrum of the note) leading up to its release as is found in a natural acoustic. Also, when compared to wet sample sets, a dry set can provide more realistic tremulant modeling when played back with external reverberation added.

All pipe recordings (individual wav files) were recorded at 44.1 kHz, 16-bit, stereo. Compass of each of the (3) manuals: 5 octaves (61 notes) C to C?Compass of the pedals: 2-1/2 octaves (32 notes) C to G?Original tuning: Equal temperament (A=440 Hz).??The set requires about 2 GB of hard disk space. The RAM (physical) memory required to load all samples (16-bit, stereo, compressed, including the memory Hauptwerk needs when running) is between 1.6 and 1.7 GB (and slightly higher with Windows 64-bit OS). The sample set has been optimized for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

This sample set has not been encoded (no special dongle registrations required) and users are free to use the stops in combination with stops from other organs (if allowed by the licenses of the other organ sample set producers). More importantly, the organ definition file (ODF) and the individual pipe wav files are not encoded and users are free to edit them within the limitations set out in the license agreement.

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